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ispeakezy offers an alternative service to the traditional ones that fulfils the student's needs in an efficient and innovative way.


My dedication is focused on providing my students with the best service so that they can enjoy my classes and exploit their performance to the full. High standards and excellence are some of the features that my students refer to when it comes to the services I offer.

Services offered​

  • Initial interview: interview with the students to set out their objectives in order to devise a study program that meets their needs. During the interview, an oral placement test will be set so as to test the level of the target language the student is interested in studying.

  • Syllabi: according to the results obtained in the initial interview, a study program will be designed to cater specifically for the needs of the student, who will be able to keep track of the topics discussed in class.


  • Assessment: The student will be assessed on a regular basis so that they know how much progress they have made during a particular course. 

Why choose me?

I have the fundamental, basic aspects to ensure that the contracted service meets the desired objective:


  • Organization and coordination: Courses organized according to the level of the students and their needs.

  • Quality in the service: The courses are elaborated from recognised and current methods. In each class I use various materials: newspaper, articles, videos, interaction games, audio and literary texts. I favour a cultural and communicative approach through dynamic and entertaining classes.

  • Personalized attention: Class focused on the student's needs. I am always open to suggestions, proposals and wishes. My highest priority is for the student to achieve their goals.

  • Student satisfaction: It is extremely important that students learn effectively while enjoying their classes.

  • Language courses offered: English and Spanish.










Let's explore the world of sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation of the language together! 


For those who love reading and woud like to exploit literary texts in a large number of ways.


Struggle to produce a text and no success? Try our courses, which will help you acquire techniques to improve your writing skills. 


Need to focus on a specific area of activity or interest? ispeakezy offers sessions with reference to the particular vocabulary and skills you need to give a step-up into your career path.

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