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ispeak - prəˌnʌnsiˈeɪʃən

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It is an asynchronous workshop that aims to acquire phonological articulation strategies and techniques in order to facilitate the production and perception of the English sounds. In our sessions we will be working on the articulation of sounds in isolation and in connected speech. 


provides the solution to problems and difficulties that students tend to have when learning the target language.  

How does ispeakPRONUNCIATION


As it is an asynchronous workshop, there will not be any classes in real time, the student will decide when and how much time to spend on their studies. The teacher will be uploading the corresponding material to the platform on a weekly basis. Together we will discover this new world of sounds and intonation. We will work as a team, always in a systematised way, with materials according to the topics to be discussed in each session: videos with the explanation of the theory and speech production models. The student will be able to put into practice everything seen in each session. They will also have the possibility of recording themselves and sending the audio to the teacher in order to receive feedback. Once the main points of the lesson have been consolidated, we will proceed with the next topic.

How long will ispeakPRONUNCIATION take?

As it is an asynchronous workshop, its pace and duration will depend on the availability and commitment of the student.

What will I learn in ispeakPRONUNCIATION and how is it arranged? 

This asynchronous webinar is structured as follows:

A) A syllabus will be prepared with all the topics to be covered. We will work on:

• Vowel sounds

• Consonant sounds

• Word and sentence stress

• Intonation

• Aspects of connected speech


B) A wide variety of material will be available to the student in order to practise the topics covered in the syllabus.


C) Daily feedback from the teacher: the student can send their recordings and/or queries to the teacher from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm to receive feedback.

D) A 20-minute monthly meeting with the teacher: The student will present a dialogue, prepared in advance, where they will put into practice the topics discussed during the month. The teacher will give them immediate feedback.

Who's ispeakPRONUNCIATION aimed at?

This type of workshop is aimed at those who have at least a B1 level of English and wish to polish and improve their pronunciation by incorporating new strategies and effective phonological articulation techniques. For a positive result, the student must be committed to the course and follow the instructions given during the learning process.

Choose your plan

  • monthly payment = 75 €

  • 3 months = 210 €

Organised by

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Prof. Leonardo Pugliese

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I hold a language teaching degree. I have a passion for languages and their accents. I'm an enthusiastic and focused teacher with 15+ years of experience. Phonetics is definitely my thing! I have a broad educational background in this field and I'm always engaged in learning in order to keep updated and broaden my knowledge and experience. 

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