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"I’m an international marketeer with experience in multinational companies in Italy, Luxembourg and Germany. I consider myself a versatile marketer with a passion for foreign languages and digitalization.
In the different roles I have covered in my career I have always been driven by the constant research of eye-opening consumer insights to turn into marketing successes as well as the constant seek for learning opportunities and challenges that could allow me to grow and overcome personal boundaries.

ispeakezy is my digital challenge!"

01/2021  -->

Life & Business Coach

11/2019  -->

Co-founder & Digital Manager

09/2018  -->

Global Brand Communication Manager 

Essity GmbH, Munich (Germany)

04/2016  -->

Co-founder & E-commerce Manager

05/2016 -- 09/2018

Senior Brand Manager ENA

Reckitt Benckiser GmbH, Heidelberg (Germany)

02/2014 -- 04/2016

Brand Manager Emerging Markets

Ferrero Trading Lux, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

05/2012 -- 01/2014

Junior Product Manager

H.J. Heinz Italia S.p.A., Milan (Italy)

06/2020 -- 11/2020

06/2020 -- 11/2020

06/2019 -- 02/2020

Accredited Professional Coaching Mastery program

Asterys LAB, Rome (Italy)

09/2010 -- 05/2012

Master of International Business - Double degree program

Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario (Canada)

09/2009 -- 03/2012

Marketing Management Master of Science

“LuigiBocconi” University, Milan (Italy)

09/2005 -- 02/2009

Bachelor of Science in Foreign Languages and Business Culture

“Carlo Bo” University, Urbino (Italy)


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