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Difficulties in understanding and being understood by native speakers of English? 

"Having an accent is fine, we all do, as it is part of our identity, but if we don't get the sound right, its inaccuaracy will inevitably lead to misunderstandings, preventing the speaker from having a successful communication. This tends to be really frustrating for the learner, who may have a great command of the grammar and vocabulary of the target language, though.

I can help you overcome this!"

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Upon completion of this webinar, you'll see that hard work pays off. You'll be exposed to a multifarious range of techniques and activities and see a significant improvement in your overall academic performance. 

Aims of the webinar:

  • Accent reduction 

  • Confidence when speaking

  • Fluency 

  • Understanding of rapid speech

What will you learn? 


  • Vowel sounds

  • Consonant sounds

  • Word and sentence stress

  • Intonation 

  • Other aspects of connected speech

  • Pronunciation and spelling

Set a date and time on the online calendar, meet your tutor and find out more about this webinar!

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