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What is ispeakezy?

ispeakezy is an online language school that helps students develop their linguistic skills thanks to the wide range of courses we offer. We help learners find the key to success in the target language by devising a syllabus of effective learning which aligns with their goals. All our courses, regardless of the language level, are designed to foster the student’s motivation, persistence and performance. Our efficiency, commitment and professionalism are the core features that best describe us.

The name of our school derives from English "I speak easy", that is, "I speak easily" because our teaching method allows our students to learn English and/or Spanish in a simple way and at their own pace.

ispeakezy offers an alternative service to the traditional ones that fulfils the student's needs in an efficient and innovative way.

Our dedication is focused on providing our students with the best service so that they can enjoy our classes and exploit their performance to the full. High standards and excellence are some of the features that our students refer to when it comes to the services we offer.

Our policy

  • Commitment to the student and their needs.

  • Guaranteeing the reliability of the service.

  • Ensuring compliance with the intended requirements.

  • Going beyond our means to make sure that our students can leverage on our teaching methods to the fullest.

Our vision​

We aim to be recognised for the outstanding commitment to our students by providing reliability, quality and distinction to our services.

Why choose us?

We have the fundamental, basic aspects to ensure that the contracted service meets the desired objective:


  • Organization and coordination: English and Spanish courses organized according to the level of the students and their needs.

  • Quality in the service: The courses are elaborated from recognized and current methods. In each class we use various materials, studies, newspaper articles, videos, interaction games, audio and literary texts. We favor a cultural and communicative approach through dynamic and entertaining classes.


  • Personalized attention: Class focused on the student's need. We are always willing to suggestions, proposals and wishes. Our highest priority is for the student to achieve his goals.


  • Student satisfaction: Ensure that our students learn effectively while enjoying their classes.​


Language courses offered:

English  • Spanish

Leonardo Pugliese 

"I am an enthusiastic and focused teacher committed to promoting education to learners at all times.
I have been teaching both English and Spanish for the last fifteen years in primary/secondary schools as well as in various private companies.
I enjoy working in a busy environment and the challenge of managing a diverse workload.
I am able to establish a close rapport with students with the aim of promoting and reinforcing their independence and self-esteem.
I am always engaged in learning in order to keep updated and broaden my knowledge and experience"

foto transparente.jpg

Danny Buccilli

"I’m an international marketeer with experience in multinational companies in Italy, Luxembourg and Germany. I consider myself a versatile marketer with a passion for foreign languages and digitalization.
In the different roles I have covered in my career I have always been driven by the constant research of eye-opening consumer insights to turn into marketing successes as well as the constant seek for learning opportunities and challenges that could allow me to grow and overcome personal boundaries.

ispeakezy is my next challenge!

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