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I'm proud to teach and lecture courses across all levels. Over the years I've helped students of all ages boost their education and surpass their academic goals. Scroll below to review my available courses.

Prof. Leonardo Pugliese


What are lessons like at ispeakezy?

ispeakezy devises syllabi to those who want to take on a new and exciting challenge in their personal and professional life. We know how important it is for you to meet your objectives when you decide to take up a course in English, so our study programmes are designed by taking account of your needs and interests. If you're ready to embark on a new learning journey with us, we'll be thrilled to bits to turn your goals into reality.   


The structure of the course

In your classes we may follow a course book to give you a basic structure to the course, but we will use a lot of other materials and give you worksheets.  So you will need to create a file to organise your work and notes.


In your lessons we will practise the 4 skills of:

  • speaking

  • writing

  • reading

  • listening


You will learn a lot of new vocabulary and expressions that you need to write down and to practise regularly. In class you will be learning new things about English and/or Spanish and there will be a constant review so as to consolidate everything discussed in our course and in previous ones. You will have progress tests which will help to show you how your learning process is going.


Attendance and punctuality

Although everyone has commitments and occasional problems, good attendance means good punctuality too.  Everyone (including your teacher!) is expected to be on time for classes!



You should expect to be given some homework after most classes. You don't need to do it, but you will make much faster progress if you do.  If you don't do homework, you may find that some of the next lesson is wasted on you.

You should expect to get your homework back no more than a week after giving it to your teacher.

Regular couses

Regular courses

These regular courses aim to cover content related to everyday situations. In my classes you'll be exposed to "fresh" English and/or Spanish, which will help you use it/them outside of the classroom. Together we'll be working intensively on the four skills of the language (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing).







Regular English and Spanish courses offered to:

Studying on the Grass
Working on a Laptop
Business Meeting
  • Young learners

  • Adults

  • Companies




ispeakezy has designed courses for professionals who need to expand their business internationally using either English or Spanish as a mediator for communication and understanding. My dynamic lessons aim to equip my clients with effective tools for a globalised world in which English serves as a bridge to connect people.  

Get ready to boost your language skills at ispeakezy!

Business courses offered to:

Working on a Laptop
  • Adults 

Business Meeting
  • Companies 


International exams

International exams

Studying for an international exam can be stress-free if you plan ahead with ispeakezy. Scroll below and find out my available courses for the preparation for international certification exams:    


English language certifications

Cambridge exams

General and higher education

  • A2 Key

  • B1 Preliminary 

  • B2 First 

  • C1 Advanced 

  • C2 Proficiency

General and higher education 

Aimed at anyone who needs to gain confidence in English to pursue their own personal goals. These examinations are a great option if you need to prove your English language skills to get admitted at university or boost your career. 


Aimed at students who have started their first years of formal education and need to get ready for their international exams at school. These courses are designed to improve learners' language skills and keep them motivated along their learning journey.  


  • B1 Business Preliminary

  • B2 Business Vantage

  • C1 Business Higher


  • Pre A1 Starters

  • A1 Movers

  • A2 Flyers

  • A2 Key for Schools

  • B1 Preliminary for Schools

  • B2 First for Schools 

  • C1 Advanced 

  • C2 Proficiency 


Aimed at professionals who need to prove their English language skills in a competitive, workplace environment.


What's IELTS?

IELTS is an acronym, which stands for the International English Language Testing System. This examination is ideal for those who need to study and/or work abroad where English is the official language. Within the most popular countries where IELTS serves as a proof that you meet the English level standards we can mention the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


IELTS score

As for its score, there is no such thing as a "passing mark". The aim of the exam is to assess the level of English of the examinee, who will be marked on a scale of 1-9. It is important to take into consideration that each university, workplace, institution will set their own IELTS score requirements. Therefore, this means the score will depend on where the examination must be presented. 

      IELTS score scale

9 - Expert user 

8 - Very good user 

7 - Good user 

6 - Competent user  

5 - Modest user 

4 - Limited user 

3 - Extremely limited user 

2 - Intermittent user 

1 - Non-user 

0 - Did not attempt the test

What does the IELTS score scale represent according to the Common European Framework of Reference?

CEFR levels                 IELTS score


C2                                 8.0 - 9.0

C1                                 6.5 - 7.5

B2                                  5.5 - 6.0

B1                                  4.0 - 5.0


What's TOEFL?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language, commonly known as TOEFL, is a standarised test, which measures your command of English and it is one of the mandatory requirements to get submitted at universities in countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and across Europe and Asia. Because of its academic setting, this exam is usually taken by those who need to demonstrate their linguistic competence in English for any academic purposes. 

TOEFL score

Like IELTS, having a determined English level is not needed, as TOEFL evaluates the test taker's English language skills. TOEFL uses a scale of 0-120 points to measure the examinee's performance on this exam. The mark needed will entirely depend on the insitution and/or university that you wish to apply to.     



TOEFL score according to the Common European Framework of Reference

CEFR levels                 TOEFL score


C1 or above                    95 - 120

B2                                  72 - 94

B1                                  42 - 71


What's TOEIC?

The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an English-language proficiency test, which assesses the listening and reading skills of a candidate who needs to demonstrate their command of the language in a business setting. TOEIC is a standarised examination and its format has been divided into two sections: 

  • Listening 

  • Reading 

TOEIC score

Like IELTS and TOEFLTOEIC does not have a "passing mark". However, there is a maximum and minimum score and the scale used is from 0 to 990 points. 

TOEIC score according to the Common European Framework of Reference

CEFR levels            TOEIC score

C1                                 945 - 990

B2                                  785 - 940

B1                                  550 - 780

A2                                  225 - 545

A1                                  120 - 220


Spanish language certifications


What's DELE?

The DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is an exam that certifies the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language. It can be taken by anyone who needs to demonstrate their knowledge and it covers all levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference):

CEFR levels           DELE exams

C2                                  DELE C2
C1                                  DELE C1
B2                                   DELE B2
B1                                   DELE B1
A2                                   DELE A2
A1                                   DELE A1

DELE exams are internationally recognised and the result you get doesn't have an expiry date. However, it is the institution that you wish to present the exam at that may choose how long to accept results for. It is highly recommended that you contact the institution where you want to present the result of your DELE exam for furhter information. 

Want to be sure ispeakezy is the right solution for you?

ispeakezy offers you a complete check-up of your level of the language,


completely free of charge


which will allow us to establish your language level in


relation to the CEFR (Common European Framework). Click below to book your slot and



find out what your level is:

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