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Leonardo mezzo

"I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I have been living in Italy for 3 years now. I am an enthusiastic and focused teacher committed to promoting education to learners at all times.
I have been teaching both English and Spanish for the last fifteen years in primary/secondary schools as well as in various private companies.
I enjoy working in a busy environment and the challenge of managing a diverse workload.
I am able to establish a close rapport with students with the aim of promoting and reinforcing their independence and self-esteem.
I am always engaged in learning in order to keep updated and broaden my knowledge and experience"

11/2019  -->

Co-founder & teacher

Launched online language learning platform to sell English and Spanish courses delivered by highly qualified teachers.
Key tasks: teaching & scouting for new highly skilled collaborators.

04/2019  -- 07/2020

Teacher of English and Spanish for Professionals

Wall Street English, Alessandria (Italy)

Responsible for regular long-term courses delivered in English as well as in Spanish to professional and executive students working in the following fields: Sales, Human Resourses, Finance, Research & Development.

Key achievement: instilling confidence into well-travelled professionals that used to be shy when speaking a foreign language in public.

02/2019  -- 07/2020

Teacher of English and Spanish for Education

YES - Your English School, Asti (Italy)

My key responsibility is that of enthusing kids and teenagers over learning English and Spanish as a complement to their formal education. For instance, I train them to become ready to sit for their international examinations, such as IELTS, KET, PET, FCE, CAE. I also tutor a university student who has to demonstrate his Spanish knowledge in order to get admitted to the Erasmus programme in Madrid.

Key achievement: grabbing millennial students' attention by making the learning process fun and challenging.

01/2019  -- 01/2021

Teacher of English and Spanish for Personal and Professional Purposes

Asei School, Alessandria (Italy)

My mission is to show students how to "live the language" by making sure that they will be ready to truly embrace it when it comes to using it in everyday contexts. As a matter of fact, every language has its nuances that come to life only when experienced on a daily basis. Therefore, my students come to my classes to strengthen this deep contact with the language.

Key achievement: delivering meaningful contexts of the language to students with very different walks of life and backgrounds.

09/2019 - 09/2019

Educator for professional continuous learning

Yes - Your English School, Asti (Italia)

I delivered a two-day intensive training course on "Teaching English in the Classroom" to the teachers of this language school. The aim was to update the teachers of "Yes - Your English School" on the latest internationally acknowledged teaching methods. The content of the training course was also enriched with tips and strategies coming from my own extensive teaching and background experience.
Key achievement: stepping up the quality of teaching and increasing the capabilities of the school.

02/2017 -- 09/2017

Executive Teacher of English

Semperti, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

My responsibility was to deliver one-to-one lessons to the CEO of the company, hence with special focus on business English and intercultural etiquette.

Key achievement: I helped the student improve her speaking skills in international professional environments, which led to an increase in business for the company.

03/2016 -- 09/2016

Teacher of Spanish for professional purposes

Leonardo Pugliese, Dundee (United Kingdom)

During my six-month experience in Scotland I had the opportunity to teach Spanish for business to a group of young professionals looking for a step up in their career ladder.

Key achievement: my tutoring helped my freelance students expand their event management business internationally.

02/2014 -- 02/2016

Executive Teacher of English

Bureau Veritas S.A., Buenos Aires (Argentina)

I was tutoring the Human Resources manager of this French owned company who needed to use English on a daily basis in her job. I created a syllabus that allowed her to build the knowledge of the language up to a point where she felt confident about organising and managing her work in English efficiently.

Key achievement: I enabled the cultural change within the company when the whole organisation was asked to switch from Spanish to English as an everyday business language.

03/2012 -- 02/2016

Teacher of English for Professionals

Lundbeck Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires (Argentina)

For four years I was the teacher of English of the entire Argentinian branch of this well-known international pharmaceutical company. My task was that of training employees that needed to speak English for their job, thus requiring specific vocabulary, which was quite diverse across one and other's departments (Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Purchasing).

Key achievement: students were able to successfully meet their learning goals, and at the same time, thanks to positive feedback and recommendations over the years, this experience has allowed me to broaden my client base.

05/2012 -- 08/2015

Executive Teacher of English

Aexeso5 / Latin International Network, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

For over three years I taught English to the management team of the first gaming platform in Latinamerica. Being a new player in the wide gaming market, the company needed to make sure that its management team was able to make an impact on their international meetings (either face to face or video calls) and deliver outstanding presentations to key English speaking clients.

Key achievement: the management team met their learning goals and ultimately managed to establish and secure a foothold on the international gaming market.

03/2013 -- 08/2014

Teacher of English for Professionals

CH2M Hill Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires (Argentina)

My goal was to develop the student's tecnical vocabulary to ensure an effective collaboration with American clients. Projects, technical translations and presentations were the starting point of our work.

My key achievement of this job was to make the learning of technical vocabulary a central part in a very busy booming architect studio.

04/2013 -- 06/2014

Teacher of English for Professionals

EY (Ernst & Young), Buenos Aires (Argentina)

In this company I had the chance of having a dual role: on the one hand, I was asked to step up the quality of the company's auditing procedure by teaching business English to accountants and the wider staff involved in the Finance Department through a customised syllabus. On the other one, I was responsible for improving the company's image by teaching General English to the company's personnel who was first-contact point to external stakeholders.

03/2013 -- 12/2013

Teacher of English for Professional Purposes

National Atomic Energy Commission, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

My key task was to unlock and further develop networking capabilities of my clients with the aim of stepping up their participation in events and clients meetings.

09/2012 -- 12/2012

Teacher of English for Young Professionals

IBM Argentina, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

In order to cope with the needs of a global company doing business around the clock, I was asked to deliver business English lessons over night (from 11pm to 5am) to groups of young professionals. My key achievement, apart from enabling my students to meet their goals, was to be able to keep a flexible, but effective working schedule, which allowed me to combine both day and night work.

03/2007 -- 12/2012

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

Lew Idiomas y Servicios S.R.L., Buenos Aires (Argentina)

In this language school I gained considerable experience over the years by instructing different groups of elementary and advanced students. I was also responsible for preparing them to sit for international exams (TOEIC, FCE, CAE). Keeping them engaged in the learning process was a key requirement for me to ensure they gained the level of confidence and fluency they needed.

03/2011 -- 12/2011

Executive Teacher of English

ACI Worldwide S.A., Buenos Aires (Argentina)

I was in charge of tutoring a student, who was in a managerial position within the company. I developed a complete 360-degree syllabus that allowed him to build up his English skills so as to cope with his daily activities, such as dealing with international customers, understanding the software he used and writing e-mails.

03/2005 -- 08/2008

School Teacher of English for both Primary and Secondary levels

Colegio Don Bosco, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Within this well-known international catholic school I took on different roles over the years. I started as an after school study assistant (tutoring and supporting children with their English homework), then I moved on to preparing kids to take their international examinations. As I was gaining experience with the passing of time I became a regular substitutor at the school (I was responsible for different classes at different levels) and eventually I took over the official teaching position at the secondary level.

03/2005 -- 08/2008

Teacher of English for kids and teenagers

Cultural Inglesa de Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

In my first job as a Teacher of English, I was in charge of kids and teenagers who had the interest in studying English as a foreign language. In this language school, I was assigned regular annual courses, which allowed me as a teacher to have a timely check on the students' performance. Additionally, I was also hired as an assessor to certify the level of English of those students who needed to take official exams.

2003 -- 2009

Graduate degree: Teacher of English

Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas "Juan Ramón Fernández", Buenos Aires (Argentina)

A four-year college degree in English teaching, which entitles graduates to develop themselves professionally by teaching the target language at Primary, Secondary and Higher Education levels.


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