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Exceed your expectations! 

We cover a full-range of courses across all levels of experience and education. No matter if you’re looking for an introductory, intermediate or advanced class, we are sure to have an educational opportunity that fits your needs. Scroll below to learn more and book a spot in our courses. 

Online courses


ispeakezy runs educational online courses, which appeal to students with their schedule-friendly format options. These courses can be organised into two categories: 


  • Synchronous

  • Asynchronous

Synchronous online lessons refer to distance learning that occurs in real time. There is real interaction between the teacher and the student(s), and they "meet" at their learning event on a live stream at a scheduled time.   

With asynchronous online lessons there is no real-time interaction between the teacher and the student(s). Instead, content, prerecorded video lectures and tutorials will be available so that the student can learn on their own schedule (self-paced learning). What is more, additional materials, such as quizzes assignements will be at their disposal. The student will access the platform when it best suits their availability. 

Select the language that you would like to learn









ispeakezy offers you a complete check-up of your level of the language,

completely free of charge

which will allow us to establish your language level in relation to the CEFR 

(Common European Framework).

Click here to do your placement test and find out what your level is.

Set a date and time on the online calendar and meet your tutor

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