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What is ispeakezy?

ispeakezy is an online platform dedicated to people interested in learning English or Spanish. We offer an original, entertaining and efficient way of teaching foreign languages.

The name of the platform derives from English "I speak easy", that is, "I speak easily" because our teaching method allows our students to learn English or Spanish simply and at their own pace.


Our qualified tutors will prepare a study program that meets the student's needs. Studying with ispeakezy will be easy, dynamic and fun.

We offer an alternative service to the traditional ones that solves the student's needs in an efficient and innovative way.


Our dedication is focused on providing the best service for our students to enjoy the classes as well as to exploit their high performance to the maximum, which, as a consequence, will lead to the "pleasant feeling of learning and wanting to know more."

High standards and excellence are some of the characteristics that our students refer to the services we offer. We fully understand what objectives each student seeks and we, as competent professionals, can provide that also thanks to our constantly updated material.

Our policy

  • Commitment to the student and his needs

  • Guaranteeing the reliability of the service

  • Ensuring compliance with the intended requirements

  • Going beyond our means to make sure that our students can leverage on our teaching methods to the fullest

Our vision

That our services are recognized for the outstanding commitment class by class, providing security, quality and distinction.


Services offered

  • Initial interview: interview with the students to set out their objectives to carry out a study program that suits their needs. During the interview an oral leveling test will be carried out.

  • Study programs: according to the results obtained in the initial interview, a study program corresponding to the student's level will be carried out. This program will be given to each student so that they have control of what will be done class by class.

  • Periodic tests: They will be done twice, that is to say in the middle and at the end of the course. For example: In an eight month course, there will be two tests, one after the fourth month and the second after the eighth month.

  • Attendance forms: Monthly attendance forms are made where the attendance of the students will be settled.


Why choose us?

We have the fundamental, basic aspects to ensure that the contracted service meets the desired objective:


  • Organization and coordination: Courses organized according to the level of the students and their needs.

  • Quality in the service: The courses are elaborated from recognized and current methods. In each class we use various materials, studies, newspaper articles, videos, interaction games, audio and literary texts. We favor a cultural and communicative approach through dynamic and entertaining classes.

  • Personalized attention: Class focused on the student's need. We are always willing to suggestions, proposals and wishes. Our highest priority is for the student to achieve his goals.

  • Student satisfaction: Ensure that our students learn effectively while enjoying their classes.


Language courses offered:

English  • Spanish



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